A Spring Day on the Test








Fish&Fly contributing editor Simon Young (l) & Chairman Richard Hewitt (r) ready to get fishing


Walking upstream at Timsbury along England’s famous River Test, often referred to as the spiritual home of fly fishing


Simon Young fishes a carrier targeting trout rising to downed Hawthorn Flies trapped on the water’s surface


Keeping a low profile, staying away from the water’s edge and in the shadows all help disguise a fly fishers approach


Hawthorn Flies were not the only insect life taking advantage of their namesake trees


Sunlight glances off the golden gill covers of a well-conditioned Test brown trout that fell to a dry Hawthorn imitation

Below the 4# Hardy Marskman outfit was perfect on the day for accurate presentation and enjoying the fight put up by several trout such as this one that were all returned carefully to fight another day

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