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Ocean Active

Ocean Active was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2002 by Nick Bowles as a charter company targeting sailfish off the Dubai coast and over the years the company has explored the UAE and Oman coastlines and found some truly amazing and unique fishing.

Nobody associates the Middle East with great fishing, as all we tend see on TV is either conflict or ‘mega wealthy’ shows on National Geographic, but there is some incredible fishing to be found – and the region is easily accessible.

Ocean Active has discovered some great GT, sailfish, tuna, milkfish, bluefish, permit and a multitude of other species along the UAE and Oman Coastlines. Due to the lack of infrastructure, boats and products Ocean Active has built up a unique offering with charter operations in four locations in Oman, plus a charter operation and shop in Dubai offering the best possible service and products to the traveling and local fisherman.

They were the first in the region to offer fly fishing, popping and jigging services and products and are still exploring the area – constantly finding new fishing grounds and species and building products and relationships with clients and suppliers. Dubai and Oman are a bit off the beaten track but they are new and exciting and something extremely special.


Oman is an amazing place with a coastline close to 2,000km long, some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and, more importantly, has some of the most amazing fishing you will ever discover.

From the cliffs and fjords of the Musandam in the north to the Hallaniyat Islands in the south, there is endless fishing from wading the surf for permit, bream, bluefish, golden trevally to fishing offshore for GTs, milkfish, sails and tuna. The options are many and varied and the fishing is not the normal wading pristine flats, this is a lot more adventurous with different species testing the angler to the max, but still allowing the possibility for trophy fish on every trip.


Dubai is perhaps best known for the world’s tallest buildings, massive malls, expensive cars and luxurious lifestyles but the best part of Dubai is that there is fantastic fishing right in the middle of the city! With the biggest man made islands built off the coast of Dubai, this structure and shallow water offers safe haven for fish to breed and for huge amounts of bait fish to congregate, which in turn attracts predators to the very base of some of the biggest buildings in the world. You can catch queenfish on the fly and ten minutes later be sitting down to a 5 star meal.

Dubai truly is a special place, so head over to Farlows on 30th July from 6pm and find out more about the amazing angling opportunities it offers!

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