Golden Dorado on the Chew for Fly Fishers at Tsimane

Overall Conditions

The Secure river is dropping, clearing and warming up with much more activity than the week before.  Sabalo are becoming more prevalent and the dorado are on their heels.  The upstream is clear and it is possible to spot dorado cruising and feeding.  Zone two is great for wading and finding fish searching or feeding and in zone three there have been numbers of quality fish holding in amongst the snag piles and timber.


The fishing has really improved with the warmer water temperatures. This week’s six guests have taken some lovely fish up to 10kg.  Spanish anglers Joan and Alfredo had a great last day in the Secure and right on dark managed a dorado double with both going 7kg!  What a way to finish off what had already been a great day. Glen from the USA managed a beautiful fish of 8kg that put up a great fight with multiple massive jumps.

Scott and his thirteen year old son Zander had a great first dorado experience and finished their last day with ten fish each, the largest being 5kg.  Another exciting moment for Scott was watching four big dorado feasting on a smaller dorado in the shallows, they were hard to interest with the fly but it was an incredible sight.

Intermediate sink tip lines have  been working well along with floating lines.  Flies in all black, black/red, black/chartreuse, orange/yellow have been the best colours

There have been several occasions this week of a hooked, smaller dorado being preyed upon by their much bigger brethren.  Some of these big fish have been well over 10kg and when a 1 kilo dorado gets swallowed whole it gives you some idea of the monsters that are in this river.

The total number of fish caught and released this week was one hundred and ten dorado and one yatorana.

Many more fish were lost jumping and throwing the fly and breaking off in snags and lets not mention how many strikes are follows that were had.


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