Hayes expands Norwegian salmon-fishing portfolio for 2013

The bucolic idyl that is the salmon-rich Gaula Valley, a little downstream from Winsnes.

Winsnes Fishing Lodge have secured a five year lease for the Malum Winsnes fishery which includes legendary Gaula pools like Kroken and Kjellflua, their website reports.

 When added to the Flaskhølen fishery, it creates 4 km of double-bank fly fishing which ‘few could argue will be the best on the river’.

‘Our policy is to offer a quality fishing experience for our guests and we will be limiting the number of rods on the new “super fishery” to just 10 per week. This, along with our policy of having resting periods for all pools during the day, will mean that anglers of all abilities, not just the experts, will have a good chance of catching fish.’

Matt Hayes continues, via his website: ‘The new fishery will merge Winsnes and Flaskholen together, creating a dream portfolio of pools. The new rotation includes famous pools such as Kroken, Flaskholen (Bottle pool), Kjellflua and Oksoy. Several weeks in 2013 have already been reserved.’ 

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