How to tie a Gold Bead Damsel Nymph

Materials needed:

Tying thread

Long shank 10-12

Gold bead

Olive marabou

Pearl Krystal flash

Seals fur substitute

Clear magic glass

Grey/Brown partridge hackle


Step 1.

Thread a gold bead onto the hook and secure in the vice, then start the tying thread behind the bead and tie in some marabou fibres.


Step 2.

Tie in some pearl Krystal flash on top of the marabou and bind down both materials along the hook shank towards the bend.


Step 3.

Wind the thread back up towards the bead and then trap in a piece of clear magic glass for the rib. Tie this down along the hook shank to the bend.


Step 4.

Dub on a small amount of seal fur substitute and wind back up the shank to just behind the bead. Remember to leave a small gap for the hackle.


Step 5.

Wind the magic glass rib forward in open turns. Tie off firmly and trim away the waste.


Step 6.

Catch in a grey or brown partridge hackle by its tip and carefully wind 1 turn behind the bead.


Step 7.

Dub a very small pinch of seal subs onto the thread and wind behind the bead to hide the hackle tie in point. Whip finish and varnish the head.


Photographs by Neil Nice

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