Fly Tying Materials – Semperfli Predator Fibres

These Predator fibres which are produced by Semperfli and distributed by The Essential Fly are a good substitute for Bucktail , Arctic Fox or Yak Hair and shed water easily as the fibres have a slight kink in them to prevent them sticking or clumping together, this has the added benefit of giving a fly volume but without the weight, a useful asset when creating large baitfish patterns.

There are 14 colours in the range with more to be added, the Bright Pink is fluorescent so it makes an excellent wing post for Klinkhammer style dry flies. The fibres are so versatile that they are not just limited to use on predator flies, by taking a small bunch of fibres and tying them across the hookshank at 90 degrees it’s very quick and easy to produce realistic crab patterns for Permit or Bonefish. Soft, mobile and durable wings on Crazy Charlie’s and Gotcha’s are now easy too.

The colours can be blended by taking a few fibres of each colour and laying them together before tying in, and of course you can blend in other materials such as Angel hair etc, at around 18” long the fibres have so much scope from short dry Spinner wings to 12” long Sailfish flies! and are only £3.99 per generous packet.

Available from:  The Essential Fly – Fly Tying Supplies

Cost: £3.99 per packet

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