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Source: Atlantic Salmon Trust

In a month’s time, the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium will convene in Dundalk, Ireland and there is still time to book a place.

The Symposium will bring together fishery managers, scientists, policy makers, legislators, anglers from many countries, and indeed all of those who share a common interest the conservation and sustainable management of sea trout – perhaps the most fascinating of our native fish.

Sea trout are ubiquitous in the British Isles and many parts of Europe, and although they do not migrate as far as salmon, the sheer variety of the rivers and streams they spawn in and the complexity of their behaviour are unrivalled. They form a key element in the biodiversity of many freshwater ecosystems and are essential for the continued existence of many resident brown trout stocks.

Despite their importance, there has been far less research into sea trout than into salmon, and we still know surprisingly little about crucial aspects of their biology and behaviour. But the situation is improving. A good deal of important work has been done since the 1st Symposium met in Cardiff 11 years ago, and this event will provide a valuable opportunity to hear about this and about ideas for future research.

If our increased understanding of sea trout is to lead to better conservation of these remarkable fish, and improved fisheries, it needs to be reflected in their management. This is why the theme of the symposium is From Science to Management. Its central aim is to promote the application of a science -based approach to the future management and exploitation of sea trout, in ways that are fully sustainable and respond in response to modern threats and pressures.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust has played a central role in promoting research on sea trout, organizing an important workshop in 2011, and the Trust’s Ivor Llewelyn is one of the convenors for this symposium.

Full details of the programme, and of how to register, can be found on the symposium’s website HERE and the closing date for registration is 5th October.


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