New Hope for Atlantic Salmon in Maine's Aroostook River







Source: Atlantic Salmon Federation

They call the Aroostook “A river without a country.” They are the members of Atlantic Salmon for Northern Maine. This mostly volunteer group is attempting to restore Atlantic salmon runs to a river where the great game fish once thrived.

“It’s tough,” said Scott Thompson who is Vice President of the organization, “because the fish have to swim through Canada twice to complete their migration.” U. S. fisheries agencies offer no support because the group is attempting a complicated international effort.

The organization maintains an impressive headquarters and which houses the largest non-profit Atlantic Salmon hatchery in the world. It also has a meeting center where information about salmon can be dispensed.

Jim Baressi was one of the founders of the organization. He has worked on behalf of the salmon for forty years helping to break down barriers, both real and political. He is excited about the progress that the group has made, but notes that they still have a ways to go.

“What we need is new blood,” said Baressi. “We need younger people to take up the fight. We have a very clean river and we’ve opened up miles of spawning habitat, but we still have a ways to go.”

To see a video of the work done by the hatchery just click HERE

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