Ponoi River Update





Source: Frontiers

As the green in the bankside trees slowly gives way to yellow, all signs indicate that we are getting closer to the prime of the fall season.

This is the time when, year after year, arguably the most prolific run of Atlantic salmon in the world enters the Ponoi system. Of course every year is slightly different, and this season has been running a bit late all along, both in the spring and now in the fall. This week plenty of guests did experience the power of some fresh, bright fish, but it seems that the great majority of our most-anticipated salmon remain in the estuary, or are still ensconced in the long journey from the feeding grounds in the North Atlantic. This bodes well for the coming weeks, and the surge that is no doubt poised to begin.

As fall-run fish are still achieving a presence in Ponoi waters, our overwintered fish and this year’s magnificent summer-run salmon still comprise the majority of the catch.

Rains are, however, getting more and more frequent, and the river is achieving water levels more suited to fish moving upstream from the sea and we are certain that with these changing conditions, the catch ratio with regard to fall run fish will shift very soon.

That said despite the schedule of the fall run, guests averaged over three fish per day!

Time passes quickly when the fishing and the friendships are strong, and as the signs of fall take hold all around us, we continue to look forward to what the Ponoi has to offer.

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