1. Navigation

Navigation is now greatly improved, with all you need at just a single click and exciting ability to “pin” most needed plugins directly to main nav bar!

2. Dashboard

Gain more control with less effort. With new Dashboard you will be able to grasp all important aspects of managing your website at a single glance – statistics, actions, user interaction and important account information.

3. Native support for Video

Managing audio/video files, integrating YouTube and other sources and playing video is now seamlessly integrated in the system. You just won’t believe how easy it can get.


Now, with new commenting system in Vivvo you’ll be able to have all the features services like YouTube or CNN offer – threaded comments, replying, comment voting and subscribing, font styles and sharing.

5. Save+ Button

Save+ Button will add incredible user experience to your content editing. Now you’ll be able to choose action state of “Save” button and speed up working with content up to three times.

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