Remembering Orri…

Fishmonger’s Hall, London EC4    

23 January 2018 at 12.30 pm

With the help of anonymous donors, International NASF (North Atlantic Salmon Fund) Director Tarquin Millington-Drake has arranged a drinks and canapes lunchtime event to allow all those who knew Orri, worked with him or, most importantly, appreciated his work on behalf of the Atlantic salmon, to gather and remember him. The UK has benefitted enormously from his achievements and it is appropriate that the salmon fishing community salute Orri and all the good work he has done.

The event is limited to 200 guests. If you wish to attend please contact Edwina Ord-Hume at saying how you knew Orri. Numbered admission invitations will be sent out which should be brought with you.

There is no ticket price but Orri’s good work continues and contributions toward this effort are welcome. Please ask Edwina for details.

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