ripplebox | A brand new species of fly fishing box

We were recently approached by product designers and avid fly anglers Joshua Richards and James Cadogan, who are attempting to create and launch a better fly box to the fly fishing market using their innovative rippled silicone insert. They have taken to the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter to try and raise the final funds necessary for the remaining tooling needed and then the initial product run. It is important to note that they have kept all manufacturing within the UK to support local business, and also partnered with the Wild Trout Trust to whom they will donate 50p from every box sold – a very laudable commitment.

James Cadogan (l) and Joshua Richards (r) – designers of the ripplebox

I have tested a sample of the new material and as they demonstrate below, it easily holds on securely to flies of all shapes and sizes meaning you can use the box for any selection of flies you wish (outside of the largest profile (i.e. tall) pike flies I would say) judging by the lid height – a real boon if you are tired of having to buy different boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Rather than try to explain all the details I will leave it to John and James in their introductory video (click the link below) to show you the product so you can decide if you would like to make a pledge (starting at just £1) to help them get going and support their product – you only have until the 20th September though so be quick! There are options to pledge certain amounts in return for one of the first boxes off the production line – I have my pledge in for a box but it only gets debited if the full funding amount is reached by the deadline so you don’t lose out if you decide to support this project.

>> See all the details and support ripplebox on Kickstarter


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