Sharing Knowledge – New Video Series from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques

Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques, part of the Fish and Fly Group of popular international fishing website and community forums, has launched a brand-new online video library where both beginner and avid vintage tackle collectors can learn more about everything from classic reels, like Hardy Perfects, to modern centrepins, split-cane rods, famous brands and what to look out for in their ranges. There are also in-depth looks at particularly interesting individual items of tackle, including a wonderfully rare 1892 all-brass Hardy Perfect salmon reel, and the beautifully engineered limited-edition Farlow’s 175th Anniversary Regal reel – a true modern classic and in our view a future collector’s item.

The videos are fronted by John Stephenson, recently appointed as commercial director of the business. The author of several books on tackle collecting, he was previously the principal cataloguer and tackle expert for Mullock’s, the UK auction house.

John Stephenson - Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques videos

John Stephenson said, “I’m excited to have taken on the role of commercial director with Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques. This is a perfect match of skills and experience within a progressive vintage tackle specialist company. The video educational platform is unique in this business and demonstrates our commitment at Thomas Turner to develop and increase knowledge for collectors world-wide.”

Sometimes the simplest of details can help a new collector. We take frequently asked questions relating to vintage tackle and discuss history, components, dating guidelines, photography and commercial values to help broaden the knowledge base of any collector. We welcome questions and suggestions from the tackle collecting community.”

The man behind Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques and the Fish and Fly Group, Richard Hewitt, said: “I wanted to capture John’s encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage tackle to share with our fellow enthusiasts. He has a really engaging manner and style that people like.

Not many people have all the reference books, and this is a way to supply instructional videos on everything from how to take photographs of rods they want to sell to us, to how to take a Hardy Perfect apart, because we see a lot of these damaged when people turn the retaining screw the wrong way or use a screwdriver that slips.”

We plan to continue adding more videos which will be freely available on the website, as well as both our YouTube & Vimeo channels. Just search for Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques!

Here’s just a taster of one of the educational videos in the series looking at the more recent ranges of reels from Hardy’s of Alnwick and which we think are worth using and collecting. Enjoy and please do feel free to share them on your social media and via email with your friends – that is what they are there for!

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