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Few companies in the fishing tackle industry can claim continued growth and success over the past few years, but Fulling Mill continues to buck the trend. On the back of their most successful year ever in 2012, this forward looking Company is currently finalising it growth plans for the next 3-5 years. And it looks exciting!

To support their plans, the Company has recently secured equity funding from Atlantic Solway Holdings Ltd, led by Scottish entrepreneur and fly fishing enthusiast Alister Jack. Atlantic has been constituted to invest in successful Companies with good growth prospects, and as a result of this investment, Barry Unwin is divesting his shareholding in the Company. Managing Director Will Landale and Finance Director Ray Hickey, however, remain firmly involved and both retain a material interest in the business.

No changes are planned in the day-to-day management and operation of the Company save for the fact that Alister Jack has joined the Board as Chairman, and, although now retired, Barry Unwin will remain available to assist the Company on a consultancy basis as and when required. They key strategies that have helped Fulling Mill become a world leader in quality fishing fly manufacture and distribution remain in place, with the emphasis still very firmly on product quality and customer service.

Barry Unwin told us that his decision to step back from his position as Managing Director over a year ago had been a complete success, and that the company is now thriving with the strong leadership team now in place. He went on:

“I’ve seen too many people in this industry hang on into their dotage, in many cases taking their business down with them. This is not going to happen at Fulling Mill, the brand that I started and love, and which I shall enjoy watching grow in coming years.”

Will Landale added:

“Barry has built Fulling Mill into one of the great success stories in the fishing tackle industry. His decision now to pass the baton to Alister Jack is another masterstroke of timing and good business sense. All of us in the Company are looking forward to the next phase of the Company’s evolution with keen anticipation. We have ambitious plans for the Company and are all excited about the future backed by a successful, energetic and fishing-mad entrepreneur.”

The company’s new Chairman Alister Jack told us:

“I have loved fishing all my life and, when I learnt of the opportunity to invest in Fulling Mill, I jumped at the chance. Fulling Mill is an undisputed leader in its field: it is run by a great team, has wonderful, loyal customers, long standing and supportive suppliers and has tangible growth prospects in the medium term. I thoroughly look forward to being part of, and assisting in, the Company’s continued success over the coming years.”

For further information about Fulling Mill, including the Company’s product selection, history, opportunities, and plans for the future, please visit their web site HERE

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