Trophée Charles C. Ritz 2014






Founded by Charles Ritz in 1958 the IFC invited membership from anglers of diverse abilities, personalities and backgrounds including: river keepers, tackle shop managers, fly fishing magazine editors, writers, casting experts, industrialists and clients and suppliers of the Hotel Ritz, all friends of Monsieur Charles. The common bond was, of course, a shared passion for fly fishing, fishing equipment, casting and, we understand, a liking for fine wines.

The annual club dinner at the Paris Ritz was the highlight of the season, distinguished guests included Ernest Hemingway, and the occasion was followed by test casting of the ‘Ritz rods’ on the lawns and ponds of the Tir aux Pigeons, the Paris counterpart of London’s Hurlingham Club.

Following a period of ‘hibernation’ following the death of Charles Ritz in 1976 the IFC was brought back to life in 1994 and established the first fly casting Trophée Charles Ritz in 1996 and, more recently, the first Charles Ritz conservation award in 2003; the latter presented to the individual or association who best help a river to restore, develop or improve its stocks of brown trout.



Fast forward to 2014 and with the demise of the Tir aux Pigeons London’s Hurlingham Club became the glorious setting for a revival of the golden age of fly casting tournaments by the IFC with the staging of not just a tournament, but also a display of vintage fly fishing tackle associated with Charles Ritz who, despite his status as leading hotelier, was particularly interested in tackle design, despatching his exquisite Parabolic rods all over the world.

Champagne would probably have been the preferred drink at the Tir aux Pigeons but, in keeping with the relocation of the event to the UK, refreshment was also provided in the form of award winning English sparkling wines produced by Chapel Down and Bluebell vineyards, which members and guests tasted as favourably as the Ritz Champagne!

With rods and reels for the event supplied by Farlows, the world’s most famous fishing store and a company with a long association with the IFC, the weekend attracted amateur anglers and casting teams from across the globe in friendly competition for the 16th Trophée Charles Ritz.


Loop Cross S6 fly rods, provided by event co-sponsors Loop, proved very popular with the competitors and there was an opportunity to try the beautifully-crafted Cadno Silk Lines too. Presentations were made with the assistance of the guest of honour M. Albert Roux to the following competition winners:

Guest of honour was M. Albert RouxTrophée Charles Ritz 2014

1st M. Laurent Sainsot

2nd Mr John Dart

3rd M. Olivier Masmonteil

Split Cane Grand Prix

1st Mr James Klein

2nd Dr Robin Lightwood

3rd M. Erik Masson


1st M. Laurent Sainsot

2nd Mr John Dart

3rd M. Olivier Masmonteil


1st Mr Gavin Frankel

2nd M. Olivier Masmonteil

 3rd M. Gérard Piquard


1st Mrs Willeke Van Der Swan

2nd Mrs Virginia De Zoete

Junior winner M. Deacan DumaJunior

M. Deacan Duma


The IFC would like to acknowledge the people who supported the idea from the beginning:

Lady Sheila Miskin
Mrs Gilly Nester Smith
Mrs Mary de Lazlo
Mr Allan Hardy
Mr Roger Harrison
Mr Albert Roux

To Olivier Masmonteil and Kuni Shinano for their paintings and Gérard Piquard for his tyings of the endangered flies

Then to the sponsors for the event:

Ritz Hotel Paris, Mr Klein President & Mme Migné his PA, Mr Colin Peter Field

JMC Flyfishing Mr Andrew Ayer President

Kharlovka Co Mr Vladimir Rybalchenko, President

Farlows Mr Richard Hewitt chairman and Mr Justin McCarthy CEO

Loop rods and reels, Mr Chris Verbisky President, Mr. Gordon Sim CEO


Chapel Down vineyards in Kent, Mr  Frazer Thompson

Olivers’ beer and wines, Mr Paul Oliver

Famousfishing Mr William Daniel

Mouches Yann Lefèvre

Mouches Jean-Paul Dessaigne

Lignes Jean-Pierre Thébault

Cannes Christian Laustorfer

Gourmetfly Mr Nick de Toldi

Normandy chalkstream guiding Mr Christophe Raimbourg


To many members and friends who have donated time, fishing, books & efforts to our event:

Mrs Beverley Fairey, Mrs Sharon Mann, MMessrs Peter Ahluwalia, Gregory Belcamino, Hoagy Carmichael, Gordon Dana, Nick De Zoete, Jim Farley, Otis Ferry, Gavin Frankel, Charles Gaidy, Jean-François Giron, Robert Goldman, Peter Hayes, David James, Jim Klein, Lucien Kneip, Michael McCarthy, Martyn MacKenzie Skues, Robert Longsworth, Erik Masson, Hugo Miserey, Gérard Piquard, Jean-José Puig, Gerhard Renner, Kuni Shibano, John Storkerson, Ken Takahashi, Jean-Marc Vervelle, Barrie Welham.

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