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Fishing TV’s World Fishing Day will take place on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

  • Fishing TV to launch World Fishing Day after research reveals fishing is one of the life skills modern dads are no longer teaching their children.Fishing TV and their global partners to deliver a network of fishing events around the world and a groundbreaking free 24-hour live TV show to their audience.
  • TV presenter Matthew Wright, television journalist Fiona Armstrong and Sky Sports presenter Keith Arthur just some of the TV hosts confirmed to present the World Fishing Day live stream.
  • April Vokey, Julian Lewis Jones, James Murray, Ian Chillcott, Babs Kijewski, Vala Arnadottir and Marina Gibson just some of the influencers confirmed to lend their support to World Fishing Day.
  • Fishbrain, the most popular app and social network for anglers, confirmed as the official app partner for World Fishing Day.
  • The Angling Trust, The Wild Trout Trust, Atlantic Salmon Trust, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Trout Unlimited, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) just some of the organisations confirmed as World Fishing Day collaborators to shed light on environmental issues, highlight the practice of sustainable fishing and demonstrate the positive influences angling can have on wellbeing.

Register to watch the free live broadcast here:

After commissioning research that reveals fishing is a life skill that modern dads are no longer teaching their children, the market-leading video on demand platform for high quality fishing content, Fishing TV, is set to hold the first ever World Fishing Day on Saturday 23rd June 2018 in a bid to unite the angling community, bring new people into the sport, celebrate the joys of angling and highlight the incredible power of angling to make positive changes in the world and in people’s lives.

For World Fishing Day, fishing organisations around the world will be hosting public participation events in partnership with Fishing TV. The video on demand broadcaster will also be providing a free 24-hour live TV show of incredible fishing action through their platform. The live filming will be hosted in a news-anchor-style from a London based studio, featuring pre-recorded VTs and link-ups to live content from 24 locations around the world. Anglers will be encouraged to go fishing on World Fishing Day and share their photos and videos of their day, with prizes and competitions for impressive captures.

There will be a range of fishing from all around the world on display from anglers like Ashley Rae pictured here.

Commercial Director of Fishing TV, Ed Burgass, said: “By holding World Fishing Day, we are able to combat the fact that families are no longer fishing together like they once did. As a child, I went fishing with my father regularly and some of my fondest memories are from the river bank. As someone whose second child arrived last week, this is something that I am keen to pass on to future generations. Fishing TV’s ultimate goal for World Fishing Day is to bring more people into the sport of angling, particularly women and children, whilst also shedding a light on the conservation issues surrounding fishing and highlighting fishing’s power to improve people’s lives around the world.”

The Wright Stuff’ presenter and avid angler, Matthew Wright, is confirmed as one of the hosts for the World Fishing Day live stream, alongside Angling Times reporter and former host of Sky Sports’ ‘Tight Lines’, Keith Arthur, and television journalist, Fiona Armstrong, who is currently reporting and presenting for ITV’s ‘Border Life’. Further presenters will be announced over the coming months.

TV presenter, Matthew Wright, said:I first got into fishing when I was just 8 years old and it’s been a huge passion of mine ever since – it’s such a therapeutic sport speckled with moments of magic and excitement. Everyone should try it! Alongside the physical and mental benefits of the sport, I’m personally always keen to explore the issues facing the environment which our aquatic fauna inhabit. By partnering with charities, such as the Wild Trout Trust for whom I already campaign, Fishing TV are putting on a truly inspiring event which I’m thrilled to be involved with. By highlighting the risks to fish and the environment through World Fishing Day, we can protect them and the sport of angling for generations to come.”

From the weird to wonderful – Bubbe Bedre and a big alligator gar.

Taking place on Saturday 23rd June 2018, the World Fishing Day live broadcast will follow the sun and angling action from around the world, showcasing the cultural significance and many health benefits of the sport, together with the importance of anglers’ contribution to wild fish conservation worldwide.

Users of the Fishing TV platform will be able to experience a wide range of entertaining, informative and aspirational content across the 24-hour stream, including competitions, fishing tips, different styles and techniques, and conversations about threatened species, environmental issues and interviews with a range of experts, all for free.

Covering everything from migrating rainbow trout in New Zealand’s Tongariro River to Tenkara fishing in the Japanese hills, the World Fishing Day broadcast will visit 24 locations, including Croatia, The Bahamas, Australia, South Africa, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, the UK and various locations across the USA.

The UK’s World Fishing Day coverage will see a live ‘Carp Wars’ match (Sky Sports fishing series created by Fishing TV), involving renowned anglers Ian Chillcott, Harry Pratt, Lee Morris and Iain Macmillan.

Watch Ian Chilcott live in Carp Wars!

Fishing TV will be working closely with RBFF (Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation) and its Take Me Fishing™ campaign, along with World Fishing Day’s official app partner Fishbrain (the most popular app and social media network for anglers), to capture America’s diverse angling landscape within their live broadcast, visiting the states of Florida, Texas, Colorado and Alaska.

RBFF President and CEO, Frank Peterson, said: “RBFF is proud to support the very first World Fishing Day through its Take Me Fishing™ and Vamos A Pescar™ brands. Fishing is a universal language, and the idea of showcasing it around the world to celebrate its joys, inspire newcomers to get on board and increase awareness of conservation is right up our alley.”

Further details and content for World Fishing Day will be announced over the coming months…

Fishing TV’s content (some content is free, some is paid for) is available via The Fishing TV app can also be downloaded through the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, EE TV and is compatible with many Smart TVs. Annual Fishing TV passes are available for just £60 per year.

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