Flextec Nomad Traveller Fly Rod 7 Piece

They Say

Nomad Traveller 7 Piece Fly Rod – New for 2011

For the adventurous type who simply cannot travel without a rod.  The Nomad was designed to incorporate all of the best features of the Flextec technology into a 7 piece rod.  Simple you would think.  Well not so as we discovered…

However, with perseverance we did.  This rod is something else.  It has the power to cast a line an outstanding distance not only with accuracy but also finesse.

All of this packed into a rod that would fit in a briefcase!

  • 7 piece construction
  • Lifetime warranty (Conditions apply)
  • Heavy duty cotton sock
  • Padded Cordura Case
  • Eyecatching anodized reel seat

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We Say

I took this rod in the 9′ 6/7# version out to give it a test on some local carp recently. First impressions were very good out of its nice rugged blue cordura tube with good quality cork on the handle and little filler. The graphite gray reel seet is of the current cut away style showing the Flextec logo underneath on what looks to be maple or at least similar in colour.

The rod itself is finished in an attractive dark blue, glossy but not too flashy for those sunny days with simple but robust ‘O’ style rod rings whipped tight to the blank with a black thread and a keeper ring which is always nice to see as it is often mysteriously absent from some rods for reasons I can never fathom.

Using a 7 weight line I found the action to be quite soft to medium, causing me to slow down my stroke to get the best out of the rod. It did cast nice and accurately once I got used to it and the action was very useful in absorbing the powerful lunges of the carp I hooked handling them brilliantly. A 6 weight saw it stiffen up a little more as you would expect and if you want to snap a cast into tight places or get a tighter loop against the wind then I would opt for the lighter line. It would make a nice little light bonefish and trout rod given its nature as a travel rod and priced at just £49.99 (RRP from £259.99) on the Flextec site you can’t really argue at the value for money.

The other two rods available in the range are an 8′ 4/5# and an 8’6″ 5/6#.

Special Offer

To help launch this new model in the Flextec line-up they have agreed to offer Fish&Fly members extra special pricing for a limited time through our own Marketplace store. Please click here to see the details!

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