Great Angling Disasters

Great Angling Disasters

What the Publisher Says

Great Angling Disasters edited by Tom Quinn

Great Angling Disasters is a wonderful collection of fishy tales from the past 200 years that will have the reader caught hook, line and sinker. Stories of record breakers that got away, to boats that sank, rods that broke and pike and salmon that ran amok. It is the ultimate chronicle of those less than triumphant days on the riverbank. The perfect gift for any keen fisherman whether coarse, game or seafishing.

What We Say

Straight away from the front cover illustration of a suited gent struggling in some discomfort with a giant fly stuck in a delicate area while his ghillie looks on, I could tell I was going to enjoy this book.

I think we all love a good yarn especially if we can identify with either the unfortunate victims in this instance or at least the potential for whatever the misfortune they encountered. The very opening sentence of the introduction says it all – “Fishing, it has been said, is an accident waiting to happen.”

This book is a humorous collection of fishing tales gathered from old sources dating from the 1870’s to the 1940’s which adds a whole different flavour to them, with images of Tweeded gents, cane rods and a time of greater difference between the classes, city folk and country folk.

With adventures set at home and abroad, there is a wide set of styles and stories. Something for everyone you might say. Some I found a little long and guiltily skipped over, but on the whole I enjoyed reading this, as it really gives an insight into the sort of fishing we could have expected back in the past 100-150 years ago. I wonder if any of our own fishing tales will make a similar book in the future???

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Quiller Publishing

>> Available from Quiller Publishing – £14.95*


Great Angling Disasters is available direct from Quiller at a special members discount of 20%. To order your copy please visit their website, Home page | Quiller Books and use promo code fishandfly at the checkout; alternatively you can call their office on 01939 261616 to place an order.

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