2018 London Fly Fishing Fair – Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th March.

Back at Islington’s Business Design Centre in central London this week on Friday and Saturday, the London Fly Fishing Fair returns for its second year after a very successful inaugural event last March.

Expect this year’s Fair to be even busier with an expanded show floor catering for the influx of fly fishing companies from the UK and once again, around the world. This is a truly international show and seeks to showcase the breadth and diversity available in fly fishing, and that it is much more available to everyone than is commonly thought. That message also starts literally at home with fly fishing in and around London, and urban angling in general, just one of the focuses in the show theatre.

On top of this, the organisers have also introduced a second show this year, running parallel in another hall focusing on Wing-shooting for those of you who enjoy some shooting too. Tickets are £15 which give access to both shows and doors open from 9am to 6pm both days.

Back at the Fly Fishing Fair, there is a full program of demonstrations on the central casting pool and also a great variety of short 15 minute presentations in the theatre both days covering a very wide selection of topics and locations, and with some names you will certainly recognise sprinkled amongst them.

Fish&Fly Editor-in-Chief Paul Sharman will be there on the Friday checking out the show so do say hello if you spot him. We do hope lots of our forum members from the area will be attending this new annual event celebrating our sport in the capital.


This is your opportunity to learn from the best of the best. With industry favourites such as Paul Proctor, Hywel Morgan, Charles Jardine and Matt Hayes all taking their stance on the casting pool, you’re sure to pick up some new tips and tricks, or just brush up on old skills.

Here are just a few of the casting pool highlights:

Silja Longhurst – Micro Skagit – 23rd at 10am – 10.15am and 24th at 3pm – 3.15pm
Hywel Morgan – Fly Casting Made Easy – 23rd and 24th March at 11am – 11.15am
Charles Jardine – A Question of Style – 23rd and 24th March at 12 – 12.15pm
Chris Rownes – Single Handed Spey Casting – 23rd March 1pm – 1.15pm
Lasse Karlosson – Myth busting – 23rd at 2pm – 2.15pm

Full timetable available here: https://thelondonflyfishingfair.co.uk/casting-demos/

Hywel Morgan on the casting pool. Always a favourite.




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