Have your say now to #ProtectWater and Save Our Salmon!

A message from the Angling Trust

Did you know that Atlantic salmon – one of our most iconic angling species – have all but disappeared from many rivers in England?

Our rivers are under threat from pollution and over-abstraction and weirs prevent salmon reaching their spawning grounds.

The EU* has a great tool to reverse this decline called the Water Framework Directive (WFD) – but now, many EU Governments are trying to weaken this pivotal law. Together, we must stop this from happening to help save our salmon.

The European Commission now wants you to have your say through its public consultation. This is your only chance to tell them to keep our water law strong.

We have prepared the response that will best ensure that the law is kept safe. To send this to the Commission on your behalf, please fill in your details on our campaign page and click ‘ACT NOW ’.

Please use the #ProtectWater hashtag to spread the campaign far and wide. Find out more on the main campaign website here.

*Even though we will be leaving the EU imminently the UK Government has committed to following this Directive for at least two years.

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