Mandatory Catch and Release on Wye Salmon

From the Wye and Usk Foundation – 25th June 2012

Uncertainty over Catch and Release Byelaws is over: It is now mandatory to return all Wye caught salmon. The ministers of both Defra and WG gave their approval on Friday and so the byelaw took effect last Saturday. Please would you pass this on to all salmon anglers you meet. This coincides with a dropping river Wye and fishing could start this evening but more likely in earnest tomorrow. Once again we ask you to take the greatest care with any salmon hooked and suggest the following guidelines:

• Play it quickly – this means having the appropriate gear
• Don’t lift it out of the water at any time
• A net helps to do this but keep the fish calm while unhooking it
• Used debarbed or barbless hooks
• If the hook is deeply embedded, do not attempt surgery – cut the cast and leave it in situ
• Return the fish in a quieter piece of water, holding it upright facing upstream

We ask that restraint is used on the Usk too.

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