Catching the mighty Mahseer on the fly

In the latest newsletter from UK-based destination angling firm WhereWiseMenFish, owner Justin Maxwell Stuart included the following report on a monster Mahseer caught with fly fishing gear;-

“Freshwater fly fishing records do not come along often however Misty Dhillion, who has done more to pioneer fly fishing for Mahseer than any other angler to date shows that perseverance pays off with a spectacular 34lb fish from the Mahakalli River, caught on a 7 wt single handed rod.  For next season in addition to the Saryu, Ramganga & Upper Ganges, Misty is looking to arrange float trips down the Mahakalli. 

As anyone who has fished for Mahseer will testify they are not easily fooled.  They are wise, cunning and extraordinarily strong. (From personal experience I can say that to date the Mahseer is the only fish that has inflicted serious blisters on both of my thumbs whilst trying to stop a monster disappear down a set of rapids…unsuccessfully).

The best times to fish for Mahseer in the Northern Himalayas is following the Monsoon rains.  All of the various Mahseer fishing options have their own specific attributes.  There are a multitude of different options for both lure and fly-fishermen.  The Ramganga is better suited to a stalking sighted Trout style fishing approach whilst the Saryu & Mahakalli will favour those with the ability to cast a moderate length of line.”

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