All Fluff & Waders

New Book Launch – All Fluff & Waders by Cliff Hatton

Countless days and nights in earnest pursuit of specimen ‘coarse’ fish brought Private Eye cartoonist and life-long angler Cliff Hatton to the new horizon of fly-fishing for trout and salmon.

A move to the Wye Valley from the gravel-pits of the south-east of England opened up a brand new field of fishing possibilities and just the right environment in which he could ponder the subject and get his thoughts onto paper: Why do fly-fishermen make things so bloody hard for themselves? And how on Earth did the disdain for anything other than fly-caught fish come about?

All Fluff & Waders’ is the result of those deliberations: 72 pages of full-colour illustrations and cathartic commentary that’ll bring a knowing smile to seasoned ‘fly-only’ men and women everywhere…you might even find you’re included!

Available now from our Thomas Turner store

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