Rare Catch On The Fly In Thailand





Source: Fishing Adventures Thailand

From Jean-Francois Helias:

“For those who are into fly fishing, here is a very rare catch I’d love to share with you all: a lovely wallago leeri taken on July 1 by our good buddy, John Mitchell (Englishman living in Hong Kong), at the Kampaeng Sen lake.

That is quite a fantastic achievement. Wallago are very difficult to catch on lure, so capturing one on the fly is an huge accomplishment.

I had the chance myself to catch one on a clouser minnow years ago at Ratchaburi lake.

(Wallago leeri is a species of catfish native to Southeast Asia. Its habitat ranges from the river drainages of Thailand through the Malayan peninsula to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo – from Wikipedia – Ed.)

On top of that catch of a lifetime, John and his partner Selina, had several arapaima, redtail (catfish), and alligator gar during their three days of fishing.”


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