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We have enjoyed another fantastic season on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve and in contrast to the challenging cold high water conditions of the early weeks of the previous year, this season we started out with what many considered to be an alarmingly low amount of snowfall over the winter months – and the consequent threat of a difficult low-water year.

As it transpired fishing conditions remained favourable throughout almost every week of the season with the rivers receiving a steady top up from rainfall. Despite starting with low water conditions and virtually no snowpack, the rivers were 10cm higher than the last day of the summer programme last year. Cool, cloudy days with fresh water temperatures below 10C were the norm for the majority of the season and the favourable weather conditions undoubtedly improved our chances.

The overall fishing results for the ASR continue to be the cause for much satisfaction.  Following a 21% increase in catches in 2013, there was a further 32% increase in 2014 and the ASR was able to maintain these significant rises with a further increase of 1% for 2015. It should also be mentioned that the spread of catches across the different weeks was far more even this season with the majority of June weeks returning far better numbers than in 2014. Analysis of historical patterns gives reason to believe that 2016 will see another strong run of salmon. Congratulations to our friend Ole Kristian for landing the largest fish on the season off the lower Kharlovka at 39lb 6oz – was this the largest salmon on the Kola Peninsula this season?

As many will know the ASR is privileged to enjoy a large number of repeat guests each season, a level of support that we and all the staff in camp greatly value.  To give form to this appreciation, and also to the distinctive nature of the ASR rivers as ‘big fish’ rivers, Vladimir chose to recognize this by establishing the ASR Ring. This season we presented 41 rings to our veterans along with 14 big fish rings to those who landed a 35lb plus fish on the Kharlovka or a 27lb plus fish on the Rynda during the past 3 seasons – we look forward to recognizing your special fish in this way!

Fully stocked with all the best brands, flies and gadgets at competitive prices, this season we opened our Farlows tundra shops on the Kharlovka and Rynda camps so now there is no need to worry if you forget something. Like always, we will still loan you anything you might need but we now have all the best kit that you might have forgotten to bring or may well need to replace after a 40 pound monster has stripped everything you had out the back of the Home Pool!

We have already received strong interest in reserving places for 2016 and are therefore now starting the formal booking process so we would encourage you to register your interest by contacting Justin McCarthy at: or Maria Kolotova at:   

We looking forward to fishing with you next season on the Northern Rivers!

Vladimir and Justin
The Atlantic Salmon Reserve

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