Landowners Welcome New Wild Salmon Proposals






Environment Minister, Aileen Macleod, has announced a more targeted approach which will see fishery districts categorised according to their salmon’s conservation status and a charging scheme will no longer be pursued.  The killing of salmon will be allowed where salmon are in good conservation status, restricted in areas of moderate conservation status and salmon fishing will be restricted to purely catch and release where the conservation status is poor. In addition, conservation plans will be required in areas where salmon fail to meet good conservation status. Fishing for salmon outwith estuary limits will remain prohibited as previously proposed.

Katy Dickson, policy officer at Scottish Land & Estates, said: 

“We support the Scottish Government in revising the proposals and are delighted that stakeholders have been listened to. The measures appear to be more targeted and there is an appreciation that one size does not fit all when it comes to wild fisheries policy. We look forward to seeing full details later in the week but these proposals appear to be practical and reasonable.”

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