The Hardy Tyne Fishing Festival – 25th September

They will be available on the Tyne Fishing Festival Auction website ( from the 3rd June and money raised will go to The Tyne Rivers Trust.

Given the time of year, the guaranteed water and the incredible run of fish Tyne has enjoyed in the last few years this has to be the best chance to buy a day’s really productive fishing.

Hardy & Greys Ltd, synonymous with the very best in fishing tackle and a great Northumbrian business are the main sponsors of the event.

Some of the most exclusive and normally unattainable fishing on the Tyne has been made available and Countess Park (The Duke of Northumberland’s water), Beaufront (Hexham Anglers Association) and Bywell are a few of the incredible beats offering fantastic fishing for the festival. There are lots that simply don’t get offered on a commercial basis and this really is the only opportunity to take them for one perfect day.

If you had to pick a date for Tyne fishing then the 25th September is the peak of the peak. The busiest  weekend of the year in catch terms it produced record numbers of salmon and seatrout in 2010. The fish will be backed up throughout the river from top to bottom, it is without doubt the key weekend. Furthermore there will be water. Northumbrian Water have guaranteed a release from Kielder if required, effective that day.

The Tyne Rivers Trust is the research charity that works with all stakeholders to ensure that the Tyne catchment continues its meteoric success in terms of sustainable, environmental management for the benefit of the river.

All those interested will see that there will be a dinner held on the night with prize giving and a gathering of like minded and hopefully story filled attendants. Further details will be available shortly.

Salmon fishing is, as we all know, about being in the right place at the right time. So give yourself the best chance. The place is Northumberland the time is 25th September 2010.

For all information check out the website .

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