The lovely Exe Valley

The River Exe and Tributaries Association

Since my recent piece on the Exe I’ve been made aware of RETA, and many thanks for that Godfrey! The fact that seventeen major barriers exist on the Exe seems to be one of the major reasons that 70% of returning salmon are not making it back to their spawning sites. RETA is raising money to have the weirs (generally the culprits) surveyed, and subsequently made more fish-friendly.

I’d love to know more. I’d love to know why more salmon made it up the Exe in the past, and why they find it more difficult to do so now? I’m down in Devon soon, and there are many questions I’d like to ask about this valley and the river Barle I have loved so much in my past.

On a happier note, I have been given the name Lewis Hendrie to contact, the man I am told is the man to talk to about Exe grayling. Lewis, I’m on your case, and it would be good to chat! Lewis is especially hot on the grayling at Exe Valley Fishery, and how I enjoyed my recent visit there. Whilst stocked commercials are not always my thing these days, it’s obvious that Fiona is doing a good job there. The anglers I spoke to all seemed happy – and you can’t always say that about fisheries!

Let’s hear more on all these issues, please. I’d love to see F&F grow into a serious forum of debate on every issue from tackle to trout, from conservation to competition fishing.

I’m off to the Wye right now. Another river where so much is happening, and not much of it for the greater good. We are blessed to have these magnificent rivers, and how come we anglers are the only folk to see that?

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