The TT Book Review – What We Have Been Reading

As we all know, angling is special in part because of its vastly rich literary history. There is no other sport that has been so written about over the centuries and even today, the flood of angling books continues unchecked.

Our vintage tackle store Thomas Turner sells special books. Rare ones. Signed ones. Special editions. Old ones. But we don’t always have to spend serious money to read about our sport. We’d like to think this review is the first of many. Please send us your own reviews of books you have been reading. If you have enjoyed them – great. If you have not, tell everyone why. This is the Thomas Turner Book Club, if you like, and like everything else we publish, we aim to tell the truth as we see it. So, don’t be afraid to write what you think, but please keep any criticisms sensible, objective and constructive. 

Obviously, most of the books in TTBC will be fishing-focused but don’t be afraid of reviewing books on wildlife or conservation that you think have a bearing on where the sport is going. 

Winter is here. If you can’t get out to the bankside because of weather or Covid, a book by a fire with a glass of something has to be the next best thing!

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