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Tweed Fishing Report May 15, 2017

1434-2013Once again, a very quiet week last week on Tweedside, plagued by the cold strong north wind in the earlier part of the week that thankfully died away towards the end of the week ending up as another dry week here on Costa Del Tweed!  Bright hot sunny days, clear blue skies – not the ideal conditions for fishers but great if you’re just out and about.  We had, and are suffering from, very low water conditions, with water temperatures now regularly sitting at over 50°.  Catches reflect the conditions with most coming from below the Coldstream bridge.  Tweedhill had 8 for the week, Ladykirk were also in the running with 6 and Tillmouth scored 11.  The few that were caught higher upstream, against the odds, were West Learmouth 1, The Lees 2, Hendersyde 6, Sprouston 4, Junction 3 and Upper Floors 3.

Saturday followed the trend for the week as one would expect with the low water conditions, with the lower beats catching the majority of fish, Tweedhill 4, Milne Graden 1, Junction 2, upper Makerstoun 1, Dryburgh lower 1.  We continue to keep praying for rain, it was forecast today but so far only drizzle!

Trout fishing remains challenging, as does Seatrout and it was good to see Tillmouth getting 3 on Friday.

Tim Pilcher
Tweedside Tackle

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