Tweed Salmon Jumping

Tweed Salmon Fishing Report – April 4, 2017

Finally, some meat on the bone!  A report that is reporting fish!  Again, not a full week’s fishing owing to a flood that stopped play on Thursday but check out some of these catches prior to the flood last Thursday with Junction having seven on the Monday, followed by ten on the Tuesday then eight on the Wednesday.  Hendersyde and Upper Hendersyde both got two on the Wednesday and Rutherford getting in on the action with Five.  Lower Floors managed six and Lower North Wark three.

You will be forgiven for thinking that someone got their dates mixed up and this was an April fools’ joke – but this is not – it just goes to prove what a strong stock of Springers we have here on Tweed, albeit at the moment localised in the middle river.

When the water was fishable but not necessarily with ideal conditions it is also worth remembering that most of the fish were being caught on the fly and very few on the spinner, as when fishable, it was an ideal fly water.

Water temperature was in the mid-40s which once again meant that good seatrout were being caught up to 7lbs and 8lbs.

Check out Tweedbeats and Fishtweed for available fishing.  Many of the Junction fish have been sea-liced with the vast majority caught on the fly.  Black and yellow flies are still the most popular, and successful, and bare in mind only two were caught on the spinner.

Twenty-six in total so far for last week all caught in the first four days!

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