Tyne & Eden – Seeking Local Knowledge

For reasons some might guess, I’m on my way North on Sunday/Monday coming. I’m around the Eden first, and then the Tyne, and pointers would be gratefully received indeed…

Would I be right in saying chances are higher on the Tyne than the Eden? (I know beats are critical to that question of course.) Any tips for the Eden would be great. Is there a best time to watch salmon jumping Hexham Weir, or is their appearance random? Or simply dependent on river conditions?

Presuming there is not a real rain in the next week or so, are there general tips for low water conditions? Is the North Tyne a better bet because of release water? Is a light fly approach of any merit? Single hander, smaller flies etc. What flies would be recommended? Or is it how you fish them?

I’m assuming a softly softly approach to the water is highly advisable! Best time of day? In desperation, Flying Cs, but single hooks I am guessing? Tobies? Minnows? Colours? Weights? Anything else out there that might induce a pluck, PLEASE!! And any stories/reminiscences that might spur me on and give confidence, gratefully received too!

What a wonderful river the Tyne surely is!!
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