Yokanga's August Bruisers

There has been some excellent sport on big-fish Kola river, the Yokanga as the summer has rolled on. Big catches of salmon were taken in the week of July 14-21 with 16 rods taking 250 fish, including one a shade uder 40lb to Ian Eccersley. With four over 30lb and three in the twenties of pounds, there were 77 in the 8lb to 19lb range and 166 grilse. 

Flyfish Yokanga’s website reported a range of weather conditions with blue skies, summer storms, mist and fog and wind from every direction of the compass! It didn’t stop the capture of two first-ever salmon, and several ‘most ever fish in a week’. Plenty of grilse poured in and would continue to do so.

The following week, July 21-28 continued in similar style with the 16 rods catching 229 fish and a biggest of 36lb caught by Thierry Jadowski with one other thirty and five in the twenties of pounds. And of course a strong showing of grilse – 110 – were caught.

A blip followed on the week starting July 29 with dry and bright followed by cold and wet conditions rising the river to something the camp manager described as resembling ‘the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo’ by the end.

So there it is, all now is set up for an August hunt for big late fish, and of course those grilse. The feeling from the manager was that the big fish might be ‘hunkering down deep’. Perhaps a 2/3 sinking line to go after them?

A full end of season report on the hunt for the huge August salmon of Yokanga including photographs will appear on Fish and Fly in due course.



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