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Net Yourself a Christmas Salmon

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Net Yourself a Christmas Salmon

Time is rapidly running out if you want to get a superb salmon (or brown trout) in your net (or stocking...) for Christmas.








Atlantic Salmon Cushion


Take a look at these fun, lifelike Atlantic salmon cushions, which are suitable both as chair/settee accessories and as toys for children.

The chunky Atlantic Salmon cushion is 90cm long with a remarkably detailed pattern and rich, vibrant  colours; it’s well-established as a favourite amongst anglers and is guaranteed to brighten your sofa or your kid’s bedroom – it’s a great Xmas catch!

It’s the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family who are keen on fishing and, if you are not a salmon angler, then as well as salmon the ‘fishy family’ we offer also includes a brilliantly realistic brown trout - although these are being caught fast, so you will need to hurry!

Material: 100% polyester

Wash: 30 degrees

The Atlantic salmon cushion retails at just £17.99 and is available to buy HERE

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