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Norway to ‘Get Tough’ on Sea Lice

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Norway’s Food Safety Authority has warned it will get tougher on enforcing sea lice control.


Source: Irish Times


A report by the country’s veterinary institute showed that sea lice resistance to treatments is growing, and farmers are struggling to keep levels under the maximum limit.

“The level of sea lice, especially those that are adult and can lay eggs, is in many cases worryingly high and can fast become unsustainable,” said director Kristina Landsverk.

“Norwegian regulation says farms must have fewer than 0.5 female per fish in a cage. This is a maximum limit and not a recommended limit. It means the farmer needs to implement measures before this limit is reached and not after,” said Landsverk.

This year’s mild winter and higher temperatures could affect wild salmon, trout and farmed salmon, and those who fail to keep sea lice levels in check can be ordered to harvest their farm by the Norweigan food safety authority.

“Farmers and the industry must take this more seriously and take responsibility to avoid the sea lice situation to spiral out of control,” said Landsverk.


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