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In the recent issue of the Atlantic Salmon Journal issued by the Atlantic Salmon Federation, editor Martin Silverstone in his editorial was comparing the film against the imminent release of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt).

Silverstone said:

“A Passion Called Salmon didn’t have the budget of the one Blunt and McGregor star in. Far from it, Savic spent his own money, and still captured the essence of Atlantic salmon angling. I would strongly advise all who enjoy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, or everyone who likes salmon angling period, to get a copy of the Savic’s film on DVD.

I guarantee after watching A Passion Called Salmon, you may still not believe it is possible to transplant salmon to the Yemen, or to New Zealand for that matter. But you will begin to understand why some might want to try.”

On pages 37-41 of the same issue, Silverstone also has a full feature called “The Tribe” (with photos by Matt Harris) which looks at the story behind A Passion Called Salmon, and what drove Sasa Sasic to want to make this movie.

With kind permission of the Atlantic Salmon Journal we reproduce the article below for you.

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