Simms to Sell Direct to Anglers


CEO K.C. Walsh Answers The Tough Questions

The decision by Simms to sell direct comes as a surprise to few. Still, Angling Trade has received feedback from the retailer community ranging from anger to total ambivalence. In most cases, the reaction has been a desire to get more facts.
With that in mind, Angling Trade editor Kirk Deeter interviewed Simms president and CEO K.C. Walsh.

Here are the first of K.C.’s candid answers.

AT: How will Simms selling direct possibly benefit the specialty shop? Do you recognize that there are consumers out there who buy waders at fly shops now, who will not do that in the future?
K.C.: We see four basic consumer groups in fly fishing: 1) Traditional fly shop consumers (like myself) who like the experience of being in a shop. They want to try things on, and they’re looking for expertise. I think they’ll continue to shop that way. 2) There are “efficiency” shoppers, who work in a tower, and don’t… 
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