Aardvark McLeod Presentation Evening



The main focus of the evening will be on discovering the relatively untouched flats of Sudan, from where Peter McLeod has recently returned and written a blog post from the Nubian Flats HERE

Pete commented:
“The newly developed Gumby Crab (available from Fulling Mill soon) worked well on the triggers in Sudan. It was particularly good in windy conditions or slightly deeper water where the triple tungsten beads put the fly on the bottom rapidly. Although the tan version was my go to pattern generally on days the fish proved particularly spooky the hot orange version provoked an extremely aggressive attack. I also had success with the Cuban shrimp in skinny water which proved really useful.”

The Fulling Mill destination range is available from Farlows in-store and via their website, an ideal opportunity to stock up on saltwater flies for an up-coming trip.

Throughout the afternoon Peter and Alex Jardine (later joined by Charlotte Chilcott) will be on hand to answer any questions about saltwater fishing, regardless of destination.

Pete’s presentation will begin shortly after the store closes at 19:00 and continue until 21:00


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