Atlantic Salmon Record Season on Ponoi

Ian’s continued loyalty speaks volumes about the fishing, service, friendship and fellowship that anglers have come to expect and enjoy on Ponoi, and he shows his gratitude for our work in a final night toast of celebration for the week’s catch.  This week was no exception, though it proved exceptional, as collectively 20 anglers landed 1,231 salmon for the week.  Thus far 2013 is proving a stupendous year: in the first four weeks of this season we have totaled 4,161 salmon!  Numbers like these have never been seen in the 22-year history of Ponoi.

Notable catches this week included two fish of 19 pounds.  Olivier from France landed one of these beautiful salmon and Laurence from England the other.  These  fortunate anglers fished hard through each day and stayed on the water well into each night.  Such enthusiasm is not hard to muster in a fishery such as this, though these two gents showed a certain fervor.   Laurence took pause to tell me what he thought of the Ryabaga Home Pool: he claimed that the consistency of catchment in Home Pool is unmatched in any other salmon lodge Home Pool of the North Atlantic drainage.

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