Down By The River

Down By The River by Andrew Weiner

What the Publisher Says

Today is Art’s favourite kind of day. He loves driving down to the river with Mom, Grandpa, and all of their gear for a day of fly fishing.

At the river, Art watches and listens. He watches the different kinds of trout that live in the riverbed. He watches his Mom’s perfect, well-practiced cast. He listens to Grandpa’s stories about fishing and family and this very special bend in the river.

This beautiful picture book is a celebration of the power of fly fishing to draw families together and back to cherished natural places. With information about equipment and techniques included, it makes a perfect introduction to the sport.


What We Say

Written by Andrew Weiner, a publishing professional and avid fly fisher, and illustrated by April Chu, Down By The River is a lovely and well-thought out introduction for young children to the delights of a day spent fly fishing, surrounded by family, nature and the countryside.

It takes the form of a short story but tells it in the clever style of setting out on an adventure for the day, highlighting the fun elements of the trip, the sharing of the experience with your family, learning new things and the joy and skill of catching a fish with a fly. Professional children’s illustrator April Chu matches author Andrew Weiner’s words with some rich imagery that will appeal to young readers and be familiar to them, encouraging them to take in the full scene over the wide double-page spreads and see all the detail.

A truly delightful book for any young person who is either showing an interest in fly fishing, or perhaps who you think would enjoy some time spent in the outdoors with friends and family and maybe trying a new pastime. It also gives them a brief introduction to the idea of conservation and catch and release which of course will become even more important in their lifetimes. It really would make a perfect gift. Highly recommended!

Published by Abrams Young Readers

Hardback – Priced at £12.99, CAD22.99 and US$17.99

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