Farlows – The Book





Farlows of Pall Mall has produced a 160-page, full colour celebratory book to coincide with its 175th anniversary year.

Edited by Keith Elliott the publication charts the history of the iconic store from the days of John King Farlow and his sons, Charles and John. Popular opinion, including the reference works used by most collectors, tell that the fishing tackle business was started by Charles Farlow in 1840 at 221 Strand, London but Keith, via his meticulous research, has found that this wasn’t quite the case and tells the complete story here.

From the birth of the company the history of Farlows is traced through its formative years via the Great Exhibition, its craftsmanship, exquisite fly books and a Royal Warrant to the current movers and shapers who steer the ‘good ship Farlows’ into the 21st Century.

From the classic tackle and classic clothing to the genesis of Farlows Travel and the Atlantic Salmon Reserve this book paints the first complete picture of ‘the world’s oldest surviving fishing brand’.

Farlows – A Celebration is available in-store at Farlows, 9 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NP or online HERE and at just £9.95 it’s well worth putting on your Christmas list we think!


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