Kids All Over the World Are Trying Fishing

News reached us of this family fishing day in west Australia recently which saw youngsters getting to cast with a fly rod as well as try regular fishing. Great to see more and more kids around the world giving fishing a try and getting outdoors!

Families crowded the shores of Drakesbrook Weir on Saturday for the Freshwater Fishing Day, with all ages having a go.

RecFishWest hosted the morning with gear on hand to borrow which saw many kids give the pursuit a go.

WA Trout and Fresh Water Angling Association member Nick Wellman said it was good to see so many kids out and eager to try the sport, as members helped teach knots, casting and fly-making.

Heaps of kids are looking like they’re interested in getting into it,” he said.

It’s great for fishing, it’s great the amount of interest that’s been shown in the freshwater side of things.”

Association members also taught the art of fly fishing with kids and adults giving the rhythmic casting a go.

At the start of the event the Department of Fisheries stocked the weir with thousands of Rainbow Trout broodstock and yearlings.

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