Missing Salmon Project

Missing Salmon Project – update 2

Launched in the Spring of 2018, The Missing Salmon Project, is the clarion call that salmon conservation organisations are rallying round to try and halt, and then reverse, further decline. It is an ambitious and collaborative plan which, through the exemplar of The Moray Firth Tracking Project, aims to piece together the mystery of what happens to our smolts as they migrate downstream and out to sea.

The first Missing Salmon booklet was produced in March 2018, and since then a great deal has happened in the planning, fundraising and project design of The Moray Firth Tracking project which is due to start in early 2019.

In this second booklet the Atlantic Salmon Trust and Partners spell out in much more detail the project plan for The Moray Firth Tracking Project giving you a detailed breakdown of the aims and objectives, geography, timings, equipment, finances and likely outcomes.

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