Repetitive sounding fishing reports are indicative of how constant this seasons good fortunes have been on a weekly basis. The reports might sound similar, but the smiling faces in the photos have varied on a daily basis.

Although this week’s weather has been largely unpleasant at times the fishing has still been impressive with continued catches of triggerfish, GT’s and permit.

As far as the catch highlights are concerned Paul Davidson managed a beautiful Permit of 8lb, which he enticed from the back of a feeding stingray and later in the week Stephen Thomas came close to the second permit of the week when he lost a trophy fish after a long fight.

There was a distinctive splash of colour in the daily selection of photos as nine great looking triggers where caught and released for the six days’ fishing. The GT’s were around creating their normal havoc, which started with Keith Melidoni breaking the 100cm (45lb) barrier on the first day. Braden Beck hooked up a good GT after seven fish charged the boat and fly. Henry Mountain took a walk to the surf with Scott Keller and the two of them were astounded when they saw a GT that was apparently too big to be a GT!

The manta rays and milkfish have started to move into the lagoon, which bodes well for the up and coming weeks. Stephen Busch and Terry Ring were the first anglers to ‘hook up’ but sadly lost both fish were lost after lengthy fights.

The fish of the week though had to be Frayser White’s monster barracuda of about 40lb (160cm)

Another great week.

Tight lines from Keith Rose-Innes, Devan Van Der Merwer and the Alphosne Team


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