Astove Atoll Lodge – End of Season Report





Astove is rugged and remarkably remote, making it the perfect destination for anglers who seek adventure and prefer a unique and wild experience and its lagoon, lagoon mouth and ‘wall’ make it stand out from the rest of the other outer atolls. The old coral house, which was never completed in the sixties, has been renovated into a very comfortable lodge to house six lucky anglers during the 14 week per year season.

The incredible fish tally for the 10-week season ended up at: 599 giant trevally, which is an average of 10 GT’s per angler per week. Of these 31 were over 100cm, 4 over 120cm, and 1 cracked the 125cm (90lb) mark.  Astove is truly THE destination for big GT’s and it was proven when two anglers landed 16 GT’s within 2hrs, 9 of which measured over 100cm.

There were 35 triggerfish landed, many more hooked and a lot of tackle lost in doing so and the inside of the lagoon fished incredibly well for permit with fourlanded and numerous others coming unbuttoned.

The bonefishing was exceptional with countless fish landed, including some really big fish with the trophies reaching the 10lb mark. To add to the impressiveness of the seasons’ tally there were 12 ‘Grand Slams’, which is more than one each week. It’s hard to believe that flats fishing can get any better than this!

Next season will commence in November, which is prime time.  So please don’t miss out as there are only six rods per week and only six weeks during the November to December period.

Tight lines from Keith and the Alphonse Fishing Co.

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