Brit opens up the amazing fishing of the Amazon rainforest to fly anglers

The Amazon and some of its tributaries are home to some of the greatest predatory fish in the world and most can targeted by avid fly fisherman.
Steve Townson, known in the region as ‘The Fish Finder’ and a double Amazon Peacock Bass World Champion, has launched , which now enables British anglers to travel to South America on tailored fishing adventure holidays, to fish for some of the most incredible species on this planet.

Steve, who has fished in the region over 60 times in the last 14 years explained: “Not many British anglers know much about this hugely diverse habitat and fishery and if they were honest, it probably scares them a bit.

“But I know that if I were to take any of them out to the Amazon with me and to some of our special destinations, each and every one of them would come back with memories and experiences that would stay with them for the rest of their lives!

Steve has set up a variety of Amazon fishing holiday packages, from luxury camps, to sleeping rough on a hammock and going deep into the jungle, where literally no man has fished before.

“I can promise you the fishing adventure of your lifetime.”

“How about staying in a top class, air-conditioned lodge or motherboat with all the mod cons? Or falling asleep under the rainforest canopy in one of our camps and waking up to an Amazonian dawn? The sights and sounds, the people, the local fauna and flora, the incredible variety of unusual wildlife, the whole experience just fires me up time and time again. It’s just being there, in what for me is the most wonderful place on Earth, the Amazon Rainforest.
“As for the fishing, whether you like fishing with flies or lures, the Amazon and our adventure trips have it all. And you can do it all in your sunglasses, shorts, a shirt and a pair of sandals!”

Golden DoradoThere are so many tackle-busting species to target in Amazon waters, like the magnificent and infamous Peacock Bass (the main sport fish of the region); the fearsome Payara (also known as the Vampire fish due to its amazing set of teeth); the beauitful, brutal Golden Dorado, that grows to 50lb plus; the pre-historic looking Traiarao (Aimaira in some South American countries); the pike-like Bicuda; Aruana and many, many others that can all caught on fly and lures alike.

And there are literally hundreds of different fish to be caught on smaller flies, like the Pacu, Matrincha, Araca, Jacunda, Peixe Cachorro and many more. There’s a rundown of all the species you can fish for at , including some great video. provides organised adventure fishing holidays to 16 amazing destinations, and holiday packages with Steve Townson as your guide are available for under £2,000.

Steve who also stars and presents the ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ TV series from added: “I can promise you the fishing adventure of your lifetime.”

Peacock Bass:

3 bar peacock bass from the Amazon - a spectacular game fish on fly and lureKnown for its aggressive strikes and powerful fighting ability, the Giant Three-Bar or Speckled Peacock Bass (Cichla temensis) is just one of the Peacock species that are targeted in the Amazon Basin. They can reach over 30lb and are the most sought-after sport fish in the region. They are like fish on steroids and attack flies and lures with a ferocity few can believe and it is so exciting to stalk and sight-cast to a big cruising Peacock on a white sandy beach. The Peacock Bass is a fly flisherman’s dream quarry to target.


Payara (Hydrolicus armatus) is a truly ferocious, fast-water, migratory Amazonian sportfish and is better described as a ‘silver missile with an attitude’. Also known as ‘Vampire Fish’ or ‘Dracula Fish’, it will smash into a big streamer fly or lure like a rocket and keep running like an express train. The Payara has a salmonid-like body, complete with an adipose fin, but a stronger demeanour and a face full of impressive daggers for teeth, in particular two huge fangs growing from their lower laws that fit into conical nasal slots in their upper jaws. They are usually found in fast currents and eddies.

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