Tierra del Fuego… Sea Trout Nirvana – But So Much More






For those who love their sea trout fishing Tierra del Fuego (TDF) is an unparalleled ‘must visit’ destination.  Unquestionably, the sea trout of TDF are unbeatable in terms of both size and numbers.  Nowhere else in the world can you go with a reasonable expectation of a 20lb plus sea trout and where 30lb p[lus fish are caught each season, but TDF offers a lot more than just sea trout.

If you want variety we now have access to the recently refurbished Cameron Lodge on the Chilean side of the Rio Grande. Cameron Lodge offers access to 60 km+ of the Rio Grande along with some other rivers and lakes nearby that hold sea trout as well as brown, rainbow and brook trout and a sprinkling of steelhead and king salmon.  All of this from one lodge set alongside stunning vistas of the Andean mountain range and a landscape rich in nature.

Here the Rio Grande holds a greater gradient too, which makes for interesting runs and riffles to explore at your leisure. With six anglers per week, each having single rooms as standard, we make that some 10km of river per angler! Furthermore at U$4,500 per person including transfer and licences it presents fantastic value for money.

Needless to say with fantastic tributaries such as the Menendez entering downstream on the Argentine side, Cameron Lodge is not for those who purely want to target sea trout and sea trout in large numbers. For this there are much stronger options available from the legendary and the revered lodges that have welcomed sea trout anglers from the world over for decades.

All of these are located on the middle and lower Rio Grande on the Argentine side. We have been selling and representing Kau Tapen and Villa Maria Lodges for years and they have never failed to produce the goods both from a service and comfort perspective through to the fishing and their enviable guide team. Their success is reflected in their availability where a prime week best be secured in the spring as it will not exist in the autumn. Cost of a week at either lodge is U$7,250 + fishing licence.

Beyond this we are proud to now represent and have access to both Estancia Maria Behety (EMB) properties. Located on the middle and lower Rio Grande these lodges offer the pinnacle of what the river has to offer in terms of sea trout fishing coupled with comfortable lodges overlooking and within easy reach of the Rio Grande valley. Cost for a week at EMB is U$5,795 or U$6,095 at La Villa EMB, including transfers and licences.

We have TDF covered better than anyone and constantly strive to unearth hidden gems on the island and further afield so do contact us to discuss what would best suit you and to see what we have coming up including our hosted trip to Kau Tapen.

For more information on fishing in Tierra del Fuego please contact Aardvark McLeod at mail@aardvarkmcleod.com or call +44(0)1980 847389


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