Again, like almost every week, the bonefish fishing was exceptional with over 300 fish caught during the first few days and the guests quite often landed over 20 bones per day!

Mikhail Skopets, a very avid and technical angler, had an exceptional week by bowling over his 100 species on the fly benchmark. Not only did he reach his goal at Alphonse but he also managed to catch a ‘Flats Slam’ with a 30lb GT, a monster yellow margin triggerfish and a bunch of bones – great angling!

Murray Gordon caught his first ever bonefish and yellow margin triggerfish as well as the biggest GT of the week, measuring in at 100cm (46lb). Will Keh had a great week by landing 3 GTs – his first ever on fly and he also went on to catch a ‘Flats Slam’ comprising a GT, yellow margin triggerfish and a few bones.



The Total number of fish landed for the week tallied as: 340 bonefish, 7 triggers, 7 GTs, 16 bluefin trevally and 67 made up of other notable species.

Another great week!

Tight lines from Keith and the Alphonse team!

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