Amazing Jurassic Lake Fishing

Our second group of guests to arrive at Jurassic Lake this season were all new to the Jurassic Lake /Lago Strobel fishing and understandable as you can imagine they were also very exited!

Arriving at the camp at 4:30 pm just time to drink a beer and go directly to edge of the lake for the first big silver rainbow of Jurassic.

This amazing group was so keen they were all up with just a little bit of sun to get in a couple hours before breakfast. The weather was just perfect all week long, sunny and absolutely no wind, making the sight fishing very interesting, allowing them to try some “Dry Fly” on the surface of the “Cochinos Bay” which was just full of aggressive, powerful Jurassic Lake Silvers.

Walking up the river hooking a lot of fish on the way with the “Egg” and some “Bombers” in the pockets in the fast water of the “Barrancoso River” which in this time of the year is full of big fish running up. It is quite spectacular to spend some time watching these fish take to the air trying to climb higher and higher up the river.

As can be seen by the groups total catch for the week a amazing 1839 fish with the biggest of the week going a cracking 20.4 lbs. One of the group at the end of his week James said “Jurassic Lake exceeded our expectations, the fishing was beyond belief, the food exceptional and the guides and staff great”. Have you booked your trip yet to experience this mad rainbow trout fishing, it has to be experienced to be believed?

We have some rods left for the 2013 season, click for more details!

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