Saturday, January 19, 2019

Word of warning to hydro-electric scheme operators from NRW

Hydro-electric scheme operators in Wales are being urged to comply with the condition of their licenses. The call comes from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) following...

Norfolk chalkstream still under threat from pollution

Fisheries charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC) has just completed the second year of its unique three-year national Riverfly Census. The census aims...
Gudgeon Bashers

The Glory of Gudgeon

Newly retired after nearly 50 years at the famous London fishing store Farlows in Pall Mall, Brian Fratel greeted his contingent of angling luminaries...
The Davy Knot

The Davy Knot

Published in: Members ArticlesHow to tie the Davy knot The Davy knot was created by Davy Wotton and boast an extreamly high breaking strength. It is used for tying the fly onto the leader and it is much smaller than most other knots so it does not impede the action of the fly as it…
Banana rods

Introducing – BANANA RODS

WHY BANANA RODS? We chose "Banana" because it is easy to say it in any language around the world....

Further Dimbulbs and Worms, plus many Weasels

Just been watching the weather on the local faction of our state TV. When did " it will be sunny" " become "there will be...

Hank Patterson & The Bait Fishers

"In this episode of The Reel Adventures, Hank teaches three bait fishers the difference betwixt flies, bait and lures. Snap It!"

A fabulous Chatsworth Country Fair for Fishing for Schools

Fishing for Schools enjoyed three fabulous days at Chatsworth Country Fair (1-3 September), with the new and improved Fishing for Schools Fisherman’s Village an...

A Reasonable Rate of Flow, Verdant Weed and Ava

Well a few people seem to have got excited about all those application charges that the EA are trying to sneak in under the...

Hardy partners with Salmon & Trout Conservation UK to help conserve wild fish

The collaboration will see the two organisations work together on various projects to conserve wild fish and their waters, including the production and auction...
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